The owner of the Canberra Casino, Aquis, are willing to conduct a major makeover of the gaming property worth $330 million and . Changes would include new retail facilities, entertainment areas and world class gaming, all piecing together to create a ‘Wow’ factor for visitors to enjoy. Around 700,000 additional guests per year are expected as a result of this change.

The casino resort would add more features, including a five-star hotel and a six-star villa for accommodations. Mass gaming facilities as well as VIP areas are included in the remodel. For shopping, Aquis plans on creating a shopping mall of luxury proportions with bars, restaurants and cafes for your dining needs.

Aquis Entertainment has started talks with community stakeholders and government officials to start the redevelopment project, with an extension of the National Convention Centre included in the proposal.

According to Justin Fung, the Executive Director of Aquis Entertainment, the Canberra Casino venue is currently small and lacking the ‘Wow’ factor. The casino was just purchased by the company one year ago. Fung stated that Aquis saw the potential for Canberra with what the property has to offer as well as what it was lacking and how they can fill the void. With a new casino-resort, the venue would be able to attract domestic and international tourists, instead of relying solely on local patrons of Australia.

As far as gaming is concerned, Canberra would offer gaming tables and poker machines. The number of gaming options to be allowed is currently under discussion with government officials.

Source: news, casino world directory