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Everyone wants to have the best! Punters seek for the best casinos whereas online casinos seek for the best players. A vital term at which these two parties tend to agree a lot is on bonuses and promotions. Players want an extra incentive and casinos want the players in their casino among the hundred out there so the casinos are on a cut throat competition, therefore, bonuses is a good area where both sides match. With so many types of bonuses offered by so many casinos, it is important to understand which one is most useful to you hence, important for you to understand each of them clearly.



In this section we provide you details on all the widely offered bonuses and promotions of Australian casinos.

Sign-up Bonus

It works just as the name sounds; it’s a bonus that casinos offer as soon as you make your first deposit. Sign-up bonus, also known as Welcome bonus is now offered in almost every casino on the internet and definitely in all the Australian casinos mentioned at

This bonus is generally offered in a 100% match meaning the casino will match the currency amount the player initially deposited. If a player deposits $300, it starts your cash balance with the casino and the casino adds $300 to your bonus account. It is important to understand the different between cash account and the bonus account. The amount in the bonus account is not cashable and is only transferred into the cash account only after the wagering requirement is met. Wagering requirement is a condition where the player has to turnover the total bonus amount a certain number of times, generally 20 to 40 times depending on the casino to convert the bonus amount into cash amount. A detailed explanation for wagering requirements can be found below.

Reload bonus

When you look at bonus schemes of some online casinos, you will notice the 2nd deposit bonus, 3rd deposit bonus and so on along with the sign-up bonus which is the 1st deposit bonus. All the bonuses a player will receive after the first deposit (2nd, 3rd and so on) are Re-load bonuses. Many online casinos offer these bonuses when you reimburse your cash account and add the bonuses to the bonus account where similar terms and conditions to the welcome bonus apply where you have certain wagering requirements.

It might be the case that the re-load bonuses might not be given on a 100% match like the sign up bonus. For instance, you may deposit $50 to start with and receive another $50 and if the casino offers 50% match on your second and thirst deposit, you will only receive 50% of your second and third deposit amount.

No deposit bonus


It’s too good to be true but it is; casinos give you bonuses without you giving them anything. You still need to register and give your banking details but as the name goes, you do not need to deposit. This bonus is not to be confused with the sign-up bonus; it does not require your cash account being funded. With these bonuses, you will be able to win or lose money as if playing from your own account. The terms and conditions in converting these no-deposit bonuses to your cash balance held with the casino are similar to other bonuses where you have to turnover the bonus amount certain number of times. The amount of bonus is determined by the casino and can be anything from $10 to …. Well, there’s no limit to how crazy online casinos can be when giving bonuses. Since this is a hit bonus features amoung many casinos and also something that our players prefer, we have dedicated a separate segment for more details on No-deposit bonuses, make sure to check it out here.

Cash Back Bonus

EmuCasino-Cashback-300X106This bonus is more of a loyalty scheme offered by the casino to players they value the most. Many players tend to blame the casino or the game for losing the money and just shift to another casino, so to avoid that, casinos give back a certain amount a player lost so they have a second chance. Casino deposit bonuses are great, but if you’re a big time player who wants to extend their playing time, the Cash back bonus may be the way to go. For instance, if a player loses 100$ during their gambling session, the casino gives back $20 therefore giving a 20% cash back bonus amount. The percentage amount depends on the casino itself and is among the highlights of their promotions page. As this is another well-preferred bonus that punters are after, we have dedicated an entire segment on Cash Back Bonus here.

Free Spins

Depending on the player you are, you may just love this bonus and find it more preferable to lumps of bonuses being handed over to you. Sometimes the deposit bonus amounts the casinos give away are no match to a single spin on a pokie. Free spins are bonuses many casinos offer on certain slot games. For instance, EmuCasino currently has a free spins promotion on its slot game Rook’s Revenge where players, upon registration get 10 free spins on that particular game. The amount of credits and player wins in these free spins are transferred to their bonus account which can be later transferred to the cashable account after fulfilling the turnover requirements.

Refer a friend bonus

Casinos are looking at more and more ways to get more players and this bonus benefits all. After you have registered as a player, some casinos offer a Refer a friend bonus where if you refer the casino to another player and he or she successfully registers in the casino, you get a certain bonus amount. Again, this bonus needs to be transferred to the cash account before withdrawal through the casino’s wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements?

Online Casinos offer bonuses to players to keep them engaged at their casino and almost all of them are accompanied by specific restrictions. The most common among these restrictions are ‘wagering requirements’. Basically, wagering requirement is the minimum amount you have to wager before you can cash out the bonus. Without a wagering requirement, players could sign up, get the bonus and then immediately withdraw and casinos aren’t made to do that are they!

Also known as playthrough requirements, these stipulations are normally states as a multiple of the bonus. So money wise, if a player deposits $50, receives a 100% match of another $50 in his bonus account and the wagering or turnover requirement is 30X, the player must first wager $50X30 = $1,500 before making the bonus “withdrawable”. DON’T PANIC, it sounds crazy at first and not logically possible but it has been proven possible time to time, again and again by numerous players.  It’s a simple and smart process, you place a wager, win and place a wager again and win and continue the process until you have successfully poured a total of $1500 into some casino games.

Now why do we say some?

Because not all casino games will count towards the required wagering requirements.

Sometimes a casino will allow all games to be played with the bonus, but will make games with a lower house edge (such as blackjack) count less towards the wagering requirements. So if pokies count 100% towards wagering requirements, you need to have an accumulated bet of $1500, but if you plan to place bets in Blackjack which counts only 10%, then you have to wager $1500 X 10 = $15000. The terms and conditions clearly state all the stipulations to fulfill a wagering requirement.

You must be thinking, surely there must be a smart way to pull this off, and there is. At we give you details on where you can pull of some strings in making this tiresome process and bit easier. It may not be the “guarantee result” way to do it (nothing is), but certainly the smartest way to do it.

These strategies can be found in our ………… pages.

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