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Online Casinos give you a unique experience by giving you the opportunity to beat them in their own game through bonuses. When making the transition from brick and mortar casinos to the online arena, many players are unaware of massive opportunities that they can utilize to their benefit.

Most people are naturally unconvinced that an offer like this could possibly be for real, but these are totally legitimate. Online gamblers should definitely do all the research that they possibly can into offers like these, as they can be of great benefit. The top casino bonus offers are designed to encourage new players to sign up and existing players to re-deposit.

Casino deposit bonuses, also known as match bonus come in mainly two forms:

We will be focusing on both these bonuses in this article and explain all the terms and conditions that are attached with them. Both are parts of “matching deposit bonus” and both of them are very common and popular.

In this article we will explain only deposit bonuses. Click Here to go to our No-deposit Bonus page.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses or Sign-Up bonuses are primarily focused on new players. Players only receive this bonus if they are newly registered and they make their initial deposit. When you sign up with an online casino, they will match your deposit with a bonus, say by 100%. So for a $150, they may give you another $150. Bonus money is a lure that casinos use to get people to sign up with them. The Sign-in bonus or the new-player bonus is when a player is transferred bonus cash to their casino account on the basis of their first deposit.

Typically, after you make your first deposit, there are two ways of claiming your welcome bonus. First is through a Code. Casinos term it as a ‘Welcome Bonus Code’ which you can receive upon request. After you contact the casino, they will give you a CODE which you will have to feed into your account. The second way is that the casino will automatically increase your bonus balance after making your initial deposit.

Welcome Bonuses are capped to a certain amount therefore, if a casino says Welcome bonus 100% match up to $300. So if you deposit $500, your bonus amount will not exceed $300.

Regardless of which method the casino or you choose, the bonus you receive is added to your bonus balance which behaves a bit different to the cash balance that you have maintained with the casino.

Re-load Bonus

A player has a chance to get more bonuses even after the first deposit through re-load bonuses offered by the casino. Typically these bonuses are offered on the 2nd and 3rd bonus but could be more depending on the casino. It follows the same principle as the Sign-Up bonuses but it does not necessarily need to be a 100% match bonus. These bonuses on re-load are credited to the bonus account and need to be transferred to the cash account by fulfilling the wagering requirement.

It could easily be the case where casinos offer 100% on the first deposit, 80% match on the second deposit and 50% match on the third deposit.


Should you accept Match Bonuses?

These bonuses offered by online casinos are optional; it is not necessary that you accept these bonuses. However, if you do accept them and you do take good advantage of these bonuses, you can beat casinos with their own money. On the downside, online casinos attach strict stipulations to these bonuses which make it a bit tricky to claim these bonuses as cash.

The main advantage of accepting Welcome Bonus and Re-load Bonuses is that you can play and get a lot more out of it and the online casino takes part of the risk as well. You can rightly claim the bonus winning free money if you successfully fulfill their turnover requirements. The disadvantage of welcome bonuses is that you have to fulfill a high amount of wagering before you can cash out the bonus money. Online casinos have to guard themselves against bonus hunting and as a result players have to play with their welcome bonus money a lot before a cash-out can be made.

Terms and conditions of match bonuses


Limiting the bonus

: The casino will always set a maximum bonus amount. While marketing their bonuses, casinos generally state them as ‘100% match bonus up to $300’ meaning the casino will match your deposit amount only up to $300. Regardless of the amount above $300, the player will only receive bonuses up to $300.

Wagering requirement: The bonuses received on sign up are first deposited to casino bonus account. You can be certain that all the bonuses will attach wagering requirements or playthrough requirement which will be needed to be fulfilled before a withdrawal is permitted and this applies to all match bonuses. These requirements are often termed as turnovers a certain number of times. Following our example above, you receive a bonus of $300 and the turnover requirement is 30X, the total amount a player has to wager will be $300 X 30 = $900 and only then will the player be able to withdraw the bonus amount.

If you play pokies to fulfill the requirement, you will need to make 300 $3.00 spins to fulfill it. Along the way you will have fluctuations so after playing 300 spins you can withdraw the balance you have at the end.

Player Eligibility: Players must legally register and apply a bonus code to claim these bonuses. These bonuses might not be application to players from certain territories and we suggest you inquire with the casinos to confirm as it depends on them eventually.

Excluded/Ineligible Games: Casinos exclude some casino games to be wagered on with the bonus credits. Generally, these are games that have the highest payout percentage. Casinos however do not restrict all games but increase the amount that needs to be wagered on a specific game. For instance, at EmuCasino, Roulette, Video Poker only counts towards 10% of the actual wagered amount and Blackjack count only 7%.

So, a $10 bet on pokies contributed $10 but a $10 bet on blackjack may count as only $0.70 when fulfilling the requirement. Casinos normally state quite clearly the contribution of each game towards the bonus count.

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