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Although Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Video Pokers account for majority of the casino games online, the rest of the experience is delivered by a few other games that very popular in their own right. While these games might not be as popular as slots or blackjack in terms of recognition, players who do play these games hardly look at any other table game or slot game.

There are numerous casino games that are older and more popular and it times more rewarding than the 4 game categories we have mentioned and described in our Games page.

This is a proof of the sheer volume of games that online casinos now offer and a good casino never shortens the supply of games to its players. Within this ‘Other Games’ category fall 3 games that are as popular and entertaining as any pokie game or a game of 21.

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This page intends to introduce and guide you through each of these games and describes you the basic so you can have a good start.



Online baccarat table and gameplay

If you had to pick a card game that’s simple and legendary, it would definitely be Baccarat. Introduced as one of the oldest card games in history, it was first recorded in the 1400s originating in Europe. Nevertheless it took over 500 years to become one of the premier casino games in Europe and then rapidly spread throughout America, Asia and finally Australia. The most recent development in Baccarat is Online Baccarat where the game is faster paced than the casino table game.

Baccarat means zero in Italian which corresponds to its one crucial rule, all tens, jacks, queens and kings have a value of zero. When you first open baccarat in an online casino, you will have 3 betting options. You can either bet on the player, the banker or on a tie. The casino requires you to place bets before it deals the cards. The player and the banker are just pseudonyms for the betting options; they bear no resemblance to their respective hands.

After you place your bets, the banker will deal two cards; each card will be summed up to a number whose value will never exceed 9. The results in baccarat are always in single digit. However if the value exceeds 9 after addition, the second digit number will be taken as the final value. For instance, if you bet on cards 9 and 7, the two numbers will come to be 16. Since 16 is a two digit number, the game will neglect the first digit (1) and accept the second digit (6).

Baccarat allows a player and the banker to withdraw their respective 3rd cards if their card values are less than 5; the card values depend on the sum of first two cards distributed to each end. If the player’s hand has a value of 5 or less, the player receives a third card. However, if a player stands (take no more cards) and the banker’s hand has a value less than or equal to 5, the banker receives a third card. If in case either the player or the banker has a hand value of 8 or 9, both hands will automatically stand. This rule overrides all other rules. There are other similar banker drawing conditions but as long as you are playing on a trusted Australian casino, the system automatically operated these draws.

The game payout depends on the hand combination of the respective players and the banker. If you win by placing a bet on the banker, the payout odd is 1:1 minus 5% banker’s commission. However, if you place a bet on your hand and you win, the payout odd is also 1:1. Moreover if you win by placing a bet on a tie, the payout odd is 8:1.




Online craps table gameplay

If you are new to Craps and have a look at the Craps table, you might be a bit overwhelmed which is why Australian Casino Guide will brief you through the basic rules of Crap so you and at least know what you are doing on the first few rolls.

The French initially called it “crapaud” because they used to crouch like a toad over a floor or sidewalk while placing their bets. Craps is a simplified version of the English game “Hazard” in which the gamblers bet on the outcome of the two dice rolled by a shooter.

Craps is played by rolling two dice on the craps table. The craps table consists of printed layout which displays varieties of betting options. You have to place your bets by setting your chips on any of the betting options convenient to you. The betting options are pass line, don’t pass line bar, field, come, don’t come bar, seven, and hard way bets.

Before the shooter rolls the dices on the craps table, you will have to place your bets on betting options convenient to you. When we say convenient, it means whichever betting option your instinct tells you to place your bet on. However, the shooter has to place his or her bet on the pass line. If the shooter rolls numbers 7 or 11 as summed outcome the dice, he or she would win the game instantly. On the other hand, if he or she rolls the dice to get craps numbers (2, 3 or 12) then he or she would lose the game immediately. You are always the shooter in online craps.

If you roll other dice combinations (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) after placing your pass line bet, you will have to get the same combination anew to win the game. For example if your dice roll a number 10 after placing a bet of $5 on the pass line, you will have to roll a combination for the number 10 again to win the bet.

If you place your chips on don’t pass bar and you get a numerical combination from the dice, say 4. To win the bet, on the next roll, the outcome cannot be 4 again. You will be rewarded if you get a combination of number 7 before you get the combination of number 4.

The field box consists of series of numbers which have different payout ratio. If you place a bet on the field box and roll a combination of any of the following numbers, 2, 3, 4, 9 10, 11 or 12, as shown in the field box; you will win the bet. The winnings are different for disparate combinations. For example, some craps may give you 1X, 2X or 3X the wagered amount for different numbers within the field box.

The rules of Craps can head into a deeper level but our guide should clearly explain the initial phase of playing craps, enough to raise the anticipation of rolling the dice on the Craps table.


Scratch Cards


Granny Prix online scratch card

Scratch Cards is very popular among kids and adults alike not just in reality but also online. Scratch Card is one of the simplest lottery based game that has captivated millions around the world.

Scratch card is a simple game where you scratch and win! All you have to do is scratch your card; if you get 3 identical symbols, you will make big bucks.

Realising the big demand and payouts of scratch cards or Scratchies, it went virtual where players could bet and claim their prize over the internet. Scratch cards offer one of the highest varieties of games in a casino with different ways to win. One of the common ways is to match items behind the virtual foil. You may need to match numbers of clown or any other item on the grid. You just reveal the items by scratching all the fields on the card. Online casinos give you the ability to scratch all the grids at once through a button called ‘Scratch All’ or ‘Reveal All’. Normally, if you have to match a number, the number that you matched is a multiplier to the amount you spent to purchase the card. If you have to match images, you have a payout table that shows the multiplier you win with each image that you successfully matched.

They are different from the traditional scratch card games; you can either choose to play an arcade themed game or a virtual foil game. Each game has different winning criteria and is completely unpredictable. For example Bunny boiler gold is an arcade scratch card game similar to board games where you have to roll a dice to determine the rabbit’s next position in the game screen; the rabbit would either live and eat a carrot or die.


Bunny boiler arcade game




Online video keno gameplay

Keno is a game of numbers and luck! This online game isn’t as complicated as it sounds; all you have to do is select the numbers you are willing to bet on. After this, the casino will pull out a specific set of balls with different figures. You will win if those numerical values on the balls match your presumption. The payout depends on the number of correct guesses you make.

You first need to purchase a keno card with a certain stake. The price you choose determines your total payout. After you choose a stake amount, you buy a new card and you can choose up to certain numbers among the total shown on the card.

After you have chosen your numbers on the card, you click ‘Play’ after which the game chooses a specific number of balls which have numbers marked on them. The objective is to try and match as many numbers on your card with ones marked on the balls.

The paytable rate varies depending on the number of spots you’ve chosen on your card. The more numbers you select on the card, the lower your average payout will be. Selecting just one number and matching it will maximize your payout.

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