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When you are new into the world of online casinos, it’s really smart to read yourself into this subject. Here we’ll take a short look in the internet casino world. For those who are really into online gaming, the transformation of regular land-based casinos into the internet is really an evolution. But still, since everything on the internet is true (NOT), it’s the good and the bad that is still fiercely having a tug of war for the market share. So choose where to play carefully.

Know the history of Online Casino

casino-history-350X260The origins of online casinos can be traced like the history of casinos itself, no one is definite about it, but it is believes to have started around 1995. Online Casino was a revolution that developed from a simple idea that people needed a corporate or one-stop gambling venue rather than different ones. Especially Aussies who love the idea of adventurous leisure after a day’s hard work

The origin of Online Gambling has not been traced although we can definitely say that it hit its best growth around 1996, soon after it was believed to have established. Right after the industry grew, online casinos started popping out from nowhere and the mere 15 casinos in 1996 exploded to 200 in 1997. The first software to launch online casino games was Microgaming, an Isle of Man Company. Softwares provide the games that are available in the online casino. Now it is impossible to count the number of online casinos available in every region.


The Basics of Playing

Online casino games can be played in two ways; Non-download, which is run through your own web browser via java and Download where you download a software and install each game individually, which does not take much time but nonetheless depends on the internet speed.

The next step is to register your personal details and bank details. Once you put money into your account you may begin to play. Be sure to check the rules first as playing methods may differ from casinos. You can find details on how to choose, register, deposit, withdraw and play in an online casino in our Beginner’s Guide page.

Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

Online casino gambling is different from betting in a bricks-and-mortar casino. For some it’s better and for some it’s worse, depending on what the person is looking for. Online Casinos market themselves as having a casino experience with comfort of your own but it doesn’t work well with players who want that lively and realistic ambiance. On the contrary, an online casino can be accessed from anywhere with an internet access, unless you live next to a casino. Below is a list of how online casinos can work as a benefit or detriment for players.


  • Better payouts than land-based casino. (Proven)
  • The casino is where you have your computer or mobile device therefore it’s always on your lap or your palm.
  • The user experience at online casinos is much easier than land based casinos. A game can be played on a click of a button. The same for help and support.
  • Online casinos have miles better promotions and bonuses than land casinos. Trust us; no land casino will place money on your hand as soon as you step in.


  • You won’t receive you money instantly when you withdraw. A bit of patience, around 24 hours is required because of electronic payments.
  • Some players might not find the casino experience they may find on a real land based casino. Some players tend to play in online casinos with a group of friends to keep the environment lively.

Legality and Licenses

In this section we discuss on the two sides of the coin.

First, is it legal for you to gamble from wherever you are located?

Second, is the online casino with which you are dealing with legit, legal and licensed?

Let us focus on the first issue.

Casino-legality-450X242We’d like to start of simply by saying, if you live in a territory where online gambling is perfectly legal, or at least ignored by the law, you are doing nothing wrong. There are certain areas where gambling is prohibited in the state but since you are gambling online with an operator who holds a license in a legal territory, you are perfectly fine. There are sometimes issues where the government might block online gambling websites but that again turns into a different story.

It is also up to the casino to accept you as a player. Many casinos have a whole list of territories which they restrict from placing wagers in their casino. For example, in Thailand, any form of gambling is illegal but EmuCasino and many others accepts players from Thailand which means players residing in Thailand are able to place wagers. Some Australian casinos only accept players from Australia and New Zealand so no matter how much you would like the features of the casino, you are restricted from playing in it.

Now, the second issue; Is the online casino with which you are deal with legitimate, legal and licensed?

So why to trust these casinos? You cannot see them, they are miles away from you so why to trust them? And the answer can be found through another question, why do you trust banks? Because they are registered with a higher and much trusted authority, they may be the Central Bank or any other body.

With the rapid expansion of online gambling, corruption of online casinos became a major concern for both players and casino owners. Therefore, the best casinos are always registered and licensed with a higher authority that govern and audit the online gaming facility.

Below we give you a list of highly reputed gaming Commissions through which only the Curacao-license-200X233top casinos establish they affiliations with:

  • Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta
  • Curacao Internet Gaming Association
  • UK Gaming Commission
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

These jurisdictions in Malta, Curacao, UK, Gibraltar and Isle of Man are well-known bodies that issue online gambling licenses. Even though these casinos serve customers from many territories and focus on markets such as Australia, UK or the world as a whole, they are established and licensed in territories where gambling platforms are perfectly legal so no worries.

Casino Bonuses

Right now, casinos have as many bonuses and promotions as they have games. All the casinos are so much in competition to get you signed in that they are willing to throw just about anything at you to get your registration, but definitely it comes with a catch. Here are some bonuses and promotions that top casinos offer to both new comers and loyal customers:

  • Sign-in bonus
  • Re-load Bonuses
  • No deposit Bonus
  • Free Play Bonuses
  • Cash-back Bonuses
  • Loyalty Programs

Apart from these bonuses and promotions, there are innumerous bonuses that they creatively offer, with their stipulations ofcourse but there are always ways to get around them (don’t worry we also explain how in our ……… page). Just make sure you check out our Casino Bonus pages which explain all the bonuses and promotions that get your cash balance high and get those casinos dry.

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