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Online Casinos are a booming business and sometimes it can be a challenge to sort out which casinos are best for you. It’s not just the reputation and regulations that determine which casino suits you the best, it also the type of online casino you need to consider. When we say types of online casinos we mean the platform on which games are played and other basic functions are undertaken.

If you’re new to online casinos, it is good to understand the difference between the two versions of software that are made available. Software clients provide a gaming platform to all the casinos found online but how they are actually executed can be very different even though you are playing the same games.

Basically, online casinos can be divided into three types

Like we mentioned, although it’s the same game that you are playing, the differences in these casino types can make a significant difference on the overall experience. While both offer uniquely attractive entertainment, each has their own set of characteristics and their own pros and cons. Australian Casino Guide takes this opportunity to explain the different types of online casinos.

Download Casino

Download-Casino-350X353For Download Casinos, the user needs to download software from the casino website into the computer before you can register and play the games. You need to allocate a certain amount of hard disc space for each download you make.

Download Casinos were first launched when Microgaming introduced the first casino software in 1994. The first online casinos took off in the form of a Download Casino and this form has remained popular over the years and is used my many online casinos. Following this momentous event, numerous other companies like Playtech, Betsoft and many more their own casino software.

Players have to follow a few simple steps to start playing download casinos

Step 1: Go to the casino website

Step 2: Click on Download; the computer will start downloading a setup file

Step 3: Open the setup file and the installation will begin

Step 4: Register and deposit

Step 5: Click on the games to start installing the games. It does not take significant time and has to be only done once.

Once the software is downloaded and installed, rarely does a player need to visit the online website of the casino.

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Non-download/Web-based Casinos

web-browser-350X229Web based online casinos allow you to play games on your web-browser itself without having to download software to your PC, tablet or phone. These casinos require you to have plugins like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave or Java and require your browsers’ support for these plugins. Also your device requires bandwidth since all graphics, sounds, and animations are loaded through the web via the plugin.

Web-based casino platform can be considered a relatively new introduction where players can play an online casino game straight through their web browser. As online casinos have developed significantly throughout the years, players are looking for more and more comfortable way to gamble online and not having to download the software is a more modern way of ensuring that comfort.

As you do not need to wait for the software to download and be installed, you can begin playing almost immediately. You simply register, make a deposit and begin playing and all these functions are performed through the casino’s website itself. One big advantage of web-based casino is that you have access to games from any destination i.e. anywhere there is internet as you only require a web-browser.

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Mobile Casinos

emucasino-mobile-190X220Mobile Casino is not actually a different type of online casino since players can still download an app or go to the mobile version website but it is nonetheless a different platform. People may need to download an application on their mobile; provided that the casino has an app for Iphone, android or Windows mobile. However, players can always open the browser in their mobile to play in web-based casino anytime.

The features available in mobile casino Mobile Casino depend on the casino and the features they have enabled. Some casinos activate only basic functions such as logging in and playing the games whereas others allow registering, depositing, withdrawing and even contacting customer service through mobile phones and tablets.

Choosing which mode is best for you depend on your preference and ease since all modes have their own benefits and drawback. You can find all the advantages and disadvantages of download and non-download casinos in their main page.

If a player is used to playing casino games by downloading software might not be familiar with the functions of a web-based casino. But again, a user of the non-download casino may find it the effort of downloading and installing casino games a bit too much.

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