Non-download Casinos

People have been gambling for centuries now and it is impossible to trace its source. However, it is possible to trace the evolution of gambling. Mankind first started to gamble with small pieces of bones but now coins and chips are more in fashion. We have known gambling growing from the streets to small pubs to huge casinos to online casinos.

When online casinos started, Microgaming, one of the world’s biggest developers introduced downloadable software which can be installed in the personal computer which allows people to deposit, play casino games and withdraw their money. This was back in 1994 and casino games have come a long way.

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Now that online download casinos have made their mark in online entertainment and the overall casino industry with loads of games with extraordinary features, players seem to want more in terms of comfort. This demand can be said to be met by Non-download Casinos.

This articles covers all the details of a no-download or web-based casino.

What are No-download Casinos?

As the name implies, Non-Download Casinos are online casinos in which all the functions are performed through the web browser itself. As you do not need to wait for the software to download and be installed, you can begin playing almost immediately.   You simply register, make a deposit and begin playing and all these functions are performed through the casino’s website itself.

You would require some features on the web-browser which are normally in-built but’s good to make sure of it. Browser plugins such as Flash, Shockwave and Java and bandwidth are required to lead the graphics, animations and sounds from the web.   Players will have access to all bonuses, promotions and tournaments via the no download version of the casino.

How to play in a Non-Download Casino?

Non-Download Casinos are a quicker way to play casino games in comparison to their download counterpart. You just follow few quick and simple steps which give you access to the hundreds of very unique casino games found online.

Step 1: Open the web-browser (Internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.)

Step 2: Type in the casino URL (example,

Step 3: Click Register or Join Now

Step 4: Enter basic details such as Username, Password, Email Address, Postal Address (if required) etc.

Step 5: Sign-in with your new account and click deposit.

Step 6: Choose the most convenient deposit method and deposit amount

Step 7: Start playing and wagering


Many players, most of whom cannot afford to spend major bucks at 5 star casino resorts, already prefer the online version of casinos. It is not only the money factor but also the fact that casino games online offer more variety and features than land-based casinos will ever offer. Now we know what no-download casinos are, what advantages and disadvantages do they have

Advantage of No-download Casinos

  • You do not need to download any software and go through any installation process in no-download casino, hence the name. This is especially advantageous if you have an old computer or a slow processor.
  • Since all you need is the internet connection, you can play casino games from any computer. When you download the casino software, you are limited to only one computer, unless you download the client again. No-download casino gives you the ability to place games from any computer connected to the internet.
  •  If you are an infrequent gambler, you’ll appreciate the fact that your computer’s memory space is not consumed by non-downloading.
  • Download based casinos require an installation of every game you want to play. Although this is a onetime thing and installation takes a short time, you will still need to install games that are newly launched.

The ease of no download flash instant play casinos does however come with certain trade-offs that you should know about before committing to and only playing the no-download version of online casinos.

Disadvantages of No-download Casino

  • Download Casinos are more intuitive in terms of user-interface. Getting around the software is a bit easier than the website.
  • Once the games are installed, download casino games take less time to load than opening them through your web-browser. However, if you have a good internet speed, it wouldn’t make much difference.

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