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Here we’ll look at some of the companies that produce the software used in hundreds of online casinos around the world and how the licensing system works. Any good online casino has to be powered by one of the best online gambling software providers. Some of the online casinos are also chosen by players based on the type of online casino software the casino uses. In this page we list some of the world’s best gambling software providers.

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One of the most vital components about an online casino is comparing the software that is being used. For Australian players there is a wide range of choices available and in this page we give a quick review on top online software companies.

How casino software works?

global-software-200X197Most online casinos don’t create their own gaming software, but rather license it from a handful of casino software companies. This is why you’ll notice many casinos with the same games – they’re using the software that they’ve licensed from one of these software creators. You will normally find an online casino using at least one of the tens or so software clients online.

All online casinos are backed by software clients who design and create the game and all its features. The games these companies provide can be played in two platforms; a download and non-download platform.

For Download Casinos, the user needs to download software from the casino website into the computer before you can register and play the games. You need to allocate a certain amount of hard disc space for each download you make.

No-download casinos/Web based online casinos allow you to play games on your web-browser itself without having to download software to your PC, tablet or phone. These casinos require you to have plugins like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave or Java and require your browsers’ support for these plugins.

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On how online casinos and software providers collaborate, players need to understand two concepts on a basic level; Random number generators and Payouts.

About Casino Random Number Generators

Online Casinos, or any casino for that fact follow the same concept as a lottery game; all results are randomly generated. An online casino has to artificially replicate the random nature of events that take place in casino games. Whether it is the roll of a dice or the symbol in a slot game or the turn of a card, each roll or turn is allocated a number and the software runs it and provides the result of a random number which is basically results in a particular dice roll or a card flop.

RNG-250X159The software used by online casinos has a built in RNG that is constantly generating random numbers. When an outcome is required, such as the next symbol on a slot reel, the software calls upon the RNG to provide it with the next random number. That number will then determine what the outcome will be. There’s no manual intervention, so the outcome really is completely random.

What are online casino Payout Rates?

When players see casinos advertising about their payout percentages, some tend to ignore and some tend to feel as if they understand. Where many players may have a good idea on what payout percentages really are, we feel it is important that you understand those numbers. This is the theoretical percentage of funds that a machine or game or the casino will pay back to the player over time. . At some sites, payout percentages are calculated for various game types, such as slots or blackjack, and then calculated also as a casino payout percentage. The payout percentage shows how much of the money that is placed on bets at the casino is then paid out as winnings.

An online casino’s payout percentage tells you how much money in prizes it pays out for every $100 that the players wager. An online casino with a 95 percent payout rate will pay out $95 for every $100 that is wagered, and this also means that they are taking in $5 for every $100 that the players bet and that $5.00 or 5% is the house edge. A casino’s payout percentage is mostly based on which games they offer and how much money is bet on each game over a period of time.

On a long-term basis, if the amount given back to the players as winnings exceeds the total bet received, the payout percentage exceeds 100% and the house edge is negative.

It is important to note that these payout figures may not be what you receive when you put your money through these games. Instead, they should act as a rough guideline to what to expect from each casino; after all, these figures don’t take into account your own skill, the time played and your betting average. These payout percentages are spread across hundreds of players over a lon span of time and what the casino is actually holding off in terms of money from the amount players wager.

Payout Percentage is normally audited by a governing body and reputed casinos disclose their payout percentage which can be easily checked out in their website itself. Therefore, checking that the payouts have been audited by an independent company provides authenticity to the figures. It is worthwhile checking that the payout report is displayed at the site.

microgaming-logo-450X255 Microgaming

          • Established: 1994, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
          • Website:
          • The first company to create online casino software
          • Microgaming’s casino software platform features more than 600 games.
          • One of the pioneers in online casino software development
          • Offers a wide range of top-notch progressive slot games

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          • Founded: 1999, Curacao
          • Website:
          • Frontrunners in innovative slot games with groundbreaking 3D series SLOT3
          • Vast collection of popular casino games

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1X2gaming-logo-450X2551X2 Gaming

          • Founded: 2003, Brighton & Hove, UK
          • Website:
          • Gained popularity for their developed in Virtual Sports betting
          • Wide range of casino games like slots, blackjacks, scratch cards, virtual games and more

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          • Founded: Isle of Man, UK
          • Website:
          • Highly focused on social and mobile games
          • Huge range of slot selection, especially video slots

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